Production Line Automation

We provide innovative solutions for automation of production process which includes transfer of component from station to station, pick and place, manipulation, stacking - destacking, inspection and testing.

Depending on the Customer specific Technical requirements, our solutions are designed to automate the customers production process and consists of conveying solutions ( Slat Conveyors, Roller conveyors, Power & free Roller Conveyors ), Manipulators ( Turn tables, Tilters, Lifters ) Robotic integration, production monitoring systems, Controls & Software, integrating the line with customers ERP system.

Our Solution results in the following direct and indirect benefits to the manufacturer
• Substantial increase in productivity based on the volume of production and the magnitude of automation    introduced.
• Reduction in man power cost
• Substantial improvements in terms of improved output quality due to enhanced repeatability, positional accuracy    and consistency brought by automation and least human intervention
• Substantial reduction in Manpower cost & dependability on the man power
• Human safety
• Our core strength lies in automating the heavy Engineering production, automotive production, Other areas of    Engineering Production

Consists of :
• Buffer conveyors - 20 T
• Bar feeder conveyors - 5 T
• Billet stacking systems
• PLC Based

Bar Feeding Conveyors
• Roller conveyor 25T - 4m wide x 25m long
• Chain conveyor 75T - 12m wide x 25m long
• Hydraulic Lifting Mechanism

Cross Transfer