Assembly Line Automation

We build Fully integrated Assembly Lines which enable efficient assembly of products while boosting the productivity along with quality.

Depending on the Customer specific Technical requirements, our solutions are designed to automate the customers assembly process and consists of conveying solutions ( Slat Conveyors, Roller conveyors, Power & free roller conveyors ), Manipulators ( Turn tables, Tilters, Lifters ) Robotic integration, production monitoring systems, Controls & Software, integrating the line with customers ERP system.

In assembly line automation we undertake turnkey projects which includes
• Conceptualisation and design
• Manufacturing & Assembly
• Testing
• Packaging
• Production monitoring and reporting systems

We undertake Turnkey projects for Assembly lines and provide solutions in the following segments of the manufacturing industry.
• Automotive & Auto component
• White goods industry
• Heavy engineering
• Beverage Industry

Complete Line which is 200 Mtr. long including :
Assembly, Vacuum Generation, Testing, Packaging, Reporting Systems

Conveyor, Industrial Conveyor Manufacturer
The Line Includes :
Slat Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Power & Free Roller Conveyors, Turn Table, Tilter, Lifter, Overhead Conveyors

Conveyor, Industrial Conveyor Manufacturer
Reporting Systems :
Andon system which reports production quantity, monitoring on hourly basis

Conveyor, Industrial Conveyor Manufacturer

• Turnover Device 20T with synchronised lift
• Transfer Trolley 30T
• Slat Conveyor 300T

Safety : Light curtains with safety fencing during operation of turnover device

Turnover Device with Slat Conveyor

• Articulated Trolley with Roller Table 7.5 T
• Roller Table 3 T
• Articulated Trolley with Chain Conveyor for Transfer
• Battery operated articulated Trolleys interfaced with Roller Tables at input & Output

Assembly Line with Roller Tables & Trolleys

• Slat Conveyors
• Input Trolleys

Turnover Device with Slat Conveyor

Consists of :-
• Slat Conveyors
• Length : 32 m
• Capacity : 45Ton
• Accuracy : ± 5mm (Encoder Feedback)

Door Fitting Line Assembly

• Overhead Gantry Systems
• Capacity : 4 Ton
• Length : 8 Mtr
• Accuracy : ± 1 mm

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